Join the TEAM!

Ballet Instructors & Substitutes to join our team 

We have immediate openings for:

Ballet Instructors, Tap & Hip Hop Instructors

This part time role is responsible for the following essential duties:

  • Support and promote CDMA’s artistic mission
  •  Arrive punctually, be prepared for each class and maintain regular attendance
  • Create a positive classroom environment which supports engaged student learning utilizing age-appropriate skills, content, and materials (including movement, terminology, music, choreography, technique and historical influences) and adapt teaching methods to meet students’ needs
  • Act as a mentor and/or role model 
  • Provide a safe environment-physical, emotional, and psychological
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities with clear objectives that facilitate active learning experiences and help students progress to the next level
  •  Maintain your own level of skills and technique
  • Provide appropriate feedback to individual students personally and by email to parents on student’s work using positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and acknowledgement of achievements
  • Observe and evaluate student's performance and development on yearly evaluations
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing clear expectations and enforcing rules and procedures consistent with Coastal Dance and Music Academy’s policies
  •  Participate in all faculty meetings 
  •  Prepare students for recitals and showcases as pertinent 
  •  Communicate necessary information regularly to parents, management and staff regarding students, events, personal illness, or time off
  •  Behave in a professional and ethical way, use diplomacy in interpersonal interactions and be open to suggestions, and respond constructively to feedback from management and/or Executive Director • Adhere to all CDMA policies – see Employee Handbook
The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 8 years of training and study in his or her performing arts discipline and a passion for the performing arts. Teaching experience is preferred. Strong verbal and written communication skills, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and the ability to relate well to students, parents, faculty and staff are a must.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to:

Compensation: DOE   Employment type: Part Time