Dearest CDMA Students, Families, Faculty and Staff,


Three years ago, when Natural Healing Center (NHC) and partners began the process of buying the buildings of which we are a part, they told us at our first meeting with them of their plans to turn the area into a cannabis campus.  Knowing CDMA has a lease through April of 2030, they said that they would move us, it would be seamless, cost neutral, and it would be an equal or better facility.  A week later, at our second meeting, they threatened that if we didn’t relocate, they would run us out of business. No viable proposal was ever provided to CDMA to relocate. It is now three years later, and unfortunately, they have succeeded at what they threatened.


It is with the utmost sadness and utter devastation that we must announce the closing of CDMA as of February 2, 2020. Words can never express the deep love and respect that we have for each and every one of you and the honor it has been to create a place for children to explore the arts, develop as individuals and enjoy a family of support.  We did this together; we must always remain proud of what we have accomplished and focus on the hundreds of lives that have been enhanced because of what we each gave so lovingly from our hearts.


We know this is a huge shock. We are here to support you through this process and to spend our last month together celebrating you, CDMA, and our accomplishments.  The week of January 27 through Feb 1, will be a week of us celebrating each other and saying goodbye.  Just as with Open House, all classes will be free of charge the entire week for both current, past, and any community members that wish to be a part of our Farewell Week.


The decisions and actions of the City of Grover Beach and Natural Healing Center (NHC) and partners has caused CDMA, over the previous three years, to lose students to the point that simply makes it financially impossible to continue in business.


The City of Grover Beach issued a competing use permit to NHC in 2018 that is in direct conflict with CDMA’s use permit.  Natural Healing Center (NHC) and partners, landlords of both 998 and 1030 Huston since 2017, breached CDMA’s 12-year lease by establishing businesses that directly harmed our existing business in the complex that they own.


As NHC and partners never offered a viable and cost neutral option for us to relocate, we had no choice but to remain where we are and to pursue legal options.  Unfortunately, getting to trial can take years, and the marijuana operation is well funded and delaying – even refusing to meet and/or mediate.  We are determined to see this through, but tragically CDMA cannot continue in business.  We will forever cherish the time that we had together and will miss you dearly. We wish for you all the best that life has to offer.


With abiding love and respect,

Kathy and Tara

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