About CDMA

This is our mission

“Growing our students with care and respect through dance and theater at the largest State of the Art facility on the Central Coast”

Mission Statement

At CDMA, it is our goal to train the whole student—mind, body, and spirit in a healthy, safe, and encouraging environment. We are committed to providing professional training and performance experiences in dance, theatre, music, and voice, for students of all ages and abilities. Our programs are technique-based, age-appropriate, non-competitive and designed to foster self-esteem, creativity, discipline, and self-confidence through positive and supportive teaching practices.

CDMA Commitment to the Arts

Our vision for Coastal Dance and Music Academy is to continue as the premier performing arts academy of the Central Coast. We are committed to expanding performing arts opportunities for the residents of San Luis Obispo County and surrounding areas by building bridges between communities through artistic practice. Through this commitment we will continue to educate, enrich, and transform the lives of our students, while creating confidant, responsible, and inspired individuals who have the ability to move into their unique futures with passion, creativity, and a truckload of transferrable skills.

Our Philosophy

  • To provide a safe and respectful environment for students to explore and develop in the performing arts
  • To foster a space emphasizing diversity and inclusion, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Technically based, non-competitive, and positive instruction
    • To offer appropriate movement, music, and costuming
    • To focus the education process through positive reinforcement, dress code, student etiquette, studio rules, and expectations
    • To offer you an array of instructors, classes, and private lessons to choose from in order to personally suit your child’s unique personality and learning style
    • Trained assistants in younger classes resulting in a low teacher to student ratio
  • Supportive teaching approach that is:
    • Driven by methods extrapolated from child development
    • Aimed at building positive self-esteem through discipline, creativity, and self-confidence
    • Influenced by touchstones of safety and health in dance practice certified by Safety in Dance International

CDMA Exclusive Services

  • You can find dance, theater, voice, and music classes all available at one location
  • We offer the most inclusive schedule of children’s classes on the Central Coast
  • Specialized tracks designed to suit individual needs and aide in class planning for students who have focused interests
  • Dance Teacher Training Certification Program for all of our classroom assistants
  • “Healthy Dancer Review”, a comprehensive health screening
  • One on one bi-annual company member evaluations, including a “Plan of Care” when necessary to respond to areas requiring attention
  • End of year evaluations and class recommendations for all students
  • Family Events:
    • Student Appreciation Day
    • Welcome Week 
    • Open House Week
    • Spirit Week
    • Parent Observation Weeks
    • Preschool Graduation
    • Performance Troupe and Company Socials

State-of-the-Art Facility

  • Largest (7,623 sf) performing arts school on the Central Coast 
  • Professionally managed, presented and maintained
  • Convenient office hours – 10am until the last class of the day 
  • “Floating” sprung floors with top-of-the-line floor covering reducing the risk of dancer injury and fatigue 
  • Observation windows and closed circuit TV viewing 
  • Lounge, Homework and snack bar areas 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • In-house Dance Shop - the only authorized Capezio distributor on the entire Central Coast

Student Enrichment

  • Recreation classes and Companies
  • Performing arts “class tracks” for students with specific Goals
  • Multiple performance opportunities all over the county
  • Enrichment trips/opportunities for Company students
  • Instructor/student one on one meetings to support evolving student needs and interests
  • Diversity and inclusion emphasis inside and outside of class
  • Summer camps with exciting Guest Artists from all across the country
  • Scholarship and Work/Study Programs
  • Home of Coastal Performing Arts Foundation: Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet, Coastal Youth Theater, and Beyond Boundaries

Performance Opportunities

Annual Studio Student Showcase at the PAC

Babes in Toyland Ballet at the Clark Center

Spring Showcase

Fall & Spring Theater Productions at the Clark Center

Performance Troupes


Welcome Week

Spirit Week

Open House

Summer Camps

Student Appreciation Day


Dance Teacher Training

Work Study

Dancer Wellness

Dance Teacher Training Program for Students

Student Evaluations

Class Recommendations