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CDMA Mission Statement

At CDMA, it is our goal to train the whole student—mind, body, and spirit in a healthy, safe, and encouraging environment. We are committed to providing professional training and performance experiences in dance, theatre, music, and voice, for students of all ages and abilities. Our programs are technique-based, age-appropriate, non-competitive and designed to foster self-esteem, creativity, discipline, and self-confidence through positive and supportive teaching practices.

Meet Our Founders

Tara Behnke

Kathy Schultz

CDMA Commitment to the Arts

Our vision for Coastal Dance and Music Academy is to continue as the premier performing arts academy on the Central Coast, committed to expanding performing arts opportunities for the residents of San Luis Obispo County. Through our commitment we will educate, enrich, and transform the lives of our students, creating confidant, responsible and inspired individuals with the ability to move into the future with passion and creativity.

Our Philosophy

Our goal at CDMA is to provide the finest quality training in classical ballet on the Central Coast. Through safe instruction, and age-appropriate technique extended from a university caliber syllabus, we teach the foundation of ballet technique and principles of movement, an appreciation for the beauty and discipline of this magnificent art form; while facilitating students connection to their unique personal expression and love of movement.

We’re Family at CDMA

At Coastal Dance and Music Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing your creativity. We’re glad to have you join us as we explore the joy of dance and theater in our professional, fun, safe, and encouraging environment!


Our goals here at CDMA are to:


• Provide our students with a nurturing family atmosphere, which is
technically-based, age-appropriate, and develops self-confidence and self-esteem in students.

• Provide dance and theater lessons for students of all ages at all levels from beginning to professional.

• Provide students with an end-of-year evaluation and class recommendation.

• Provide performance opportunities for all students.

• Use a positive and supportive teaching approach that is pressure-free and non-competitive.

• Provide a creative, clean, and safe environment for families to enjoy the performing arts together.

• Make dance and theater fun and exciting while providing professional instruction and nourishing each student’s artistic spirit.

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FUN FACT: Did you know…As shown in numerous research studies, participation in extracurricular activities help foster positive development. Involvement has been linked to increased academic achievement, educational attainment, and psychological adjustment, as well as lowered delinquency rates and healthier peer interaction.

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