Theater Classes

Summer Camps & Regular Classes

If you are considering registering for theater classes at any other theater studio or theater school in Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, Santa Maria, or San Luis Obispo, we encourage you to ask the studio the following questions before making your decision.

Why CDMA is the best choice for Theater Classes?

There are many theater classes to choose from in San Luis Obispo County.
Does it really matter which studio you choose? ABSOLUTELY!

Here are the main reasons why CDMA is the right choice for you and your child.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive performance experience. Our Theater program provides summer camps and regular classes with teachers who have graduated from or work with programs such as PCPA, the Melodrama and Sorcerer Productions! Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student's learning style.

One-of-a-kind Program Quality

Our theater program is one-of-a-kind on the Central Coast! The program provides our students with a comprehensive education designed to support: admittance to a performing arts program in high school or at the college level, pursuing a professional stage career, and/or developing a lifetime appreciation and love of the arts.

All Ages - Beginners to Advanced

Our current theater students range from 5 years old to students in High School. We take care to teach what you want to learn so theater is rewarding for students of all ages and levels. We also offer classes to students with special abilities!

Private & Group Lessons

Different students require different teaching approaches. Some students progress best with the peer interaction and class motivation of a group session. Other students prefer the focused concentration of an individual one on one lesson. Make sure that your student has the option to select the learning style that is best suited for them.

Regular Concerts and Recitals

Recitals and concerts are held at least twice a year. These provide students with performance experience and build confidence. Participation in theater camps, master classes and workshops is also available. Coastal Youth Theater allows the aspiring thespian to perform at local venues throughout the county as well as a full blown production in the spring!