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Meet Lauren Juarez

Lauren-Juarez Dance Instructor Central Coast Dance and Music Academy

Lauren Juarez/Dance Instructor

Lauren has been dancing at CDMA since 3rd grade! She has been apart of everything from Dance Out Loud to Synergy to Babes In Toyland and eventually got the lead role! She is so excited to be teaching for troupe this year and has some awesome dances that will be in the upcoming performances. Lauren has been dancing for 15 years and always wants to make sure it is apart of her life. She has trained in LA at The Edge and Millennium. She always wants to foster the sense that any of the children she teaches are capable of accomplishing anything they want, whether that be dance related or not, if they work hard and believe in themselves! We are all looking forward to a great year!

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FUN FACT: Did you know…As shown in numerous research studies, participation in extracurricular activities help foster positive development. Involvement has been linked to increased academic achievement, educational attainment, and psychological adjustment, as well as lowered delinquency rates and healthier peer interaction.

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